Veteran Owned and Operated Painting Company

Business Biography, Tom Chervek

Veteran Owner Operator, Tom Chervek, has spent 30 years in the painting industry. After proudly and successfully fulfilling his term in the United States Marine Corps, Veteran Mr. Chervek had the privilege of apprenticing with a painting and decorating expert who taught him the trade. He learned wallpaper first, quickly adding interior and exterior painting to his expertise.

Blue Sky Painting & Carpentry began serving Bethesda, Maryland and provided interior and exterior painting, commercial and residential painting, crown molding and trim installation, replace windows and doors, gutter cleaning, repair, replacement, drywall installation and repair, water damage repair, deck repair, sealing, staining, wallpaper installation and removal. Bethesda, located in Montgomery County, Maryland is a real estate benchmark for quality communities. Bethesda residents know that maintaining the interior and exterior of valuable real estate is the key to maintaining quality communities and stabilizing property values.


Historically, wallpaper and wallcovering trends in and out. Tom trained just when wallpaper was trending in again became one of the few technicians at the time who knew the best practices for the changes in wallpaper technology and new materials. The combination of industry demand, the privilege of access to a master, and the values and ethics cultivated by a successful tour in the Marine Corps resulted in the expertise that Mr. Chervek provides for his wallpaper customers today. Wallpaper is trending in once again and includes everything from retro to granny-chic.

Tom consults with Interior Designers, home owners, residents, property managers, HOA, developers and realtors providing service and expertise for their wallpaper and wallcovering projects.

Tom says, “When it comes to wallpaper and wallcovering, initial evaluation is key. Preparation for wallpaper and wallcovering is nearly 100% of the task. Excellent installation results are based on meticulous and accurate preparation.”

Crown molding, crown moulding – Benchmark of great design

Crown molding or crown moulding is a benchmark of design detail for any finished room. Learning crown molding and trim installation was a natural evolution for a wallpaper expert. Early in his career, Tom included crown molding installation to his growing list of capabilities. Like all materials, time introduces new products to the marketplace. Crown molding is no exception. An traditions building element like crown molding, which historically may have been comprised of stone, plaster or wood may now be available as vinyl or pvc. Tom is an expert at ascertaining which product best suits the needs of customers. Some customers want low-maintenance crown molding materials, while others are committed to the traditional wood crown molding. Consultation with an expert is the best way for a customer to get exactly what is right for their project.

Quality is the Interior Painting Benchmark

As an Interior Painting expert, Tom Chervek knows the value of an excellent paint job. “It’s not just paint”, says Mr. Chervek. “It is your home, your work place, where you dwell, how you dwell. The greatest part of doing this work is seeing the way people light up when the work is complete. Something transforms. People fall in love with their spaces all over again. It is good to love our spaces. It is grounding, and the benefits ripple through other areas of our life.”

The Benchmark for Expert Exterior Painting is Initial Evaluation

“Know the conditions and the climate”, says Tom Chervek. After 30 years in the Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia region Tom is an expert at evaluating the conditions that affect exterior painting.

Expert exterior painting projects are directly the result of matching the correct product, technology, and preparation, and application with the materials and conditions of the house. In 30 years, Tom has seen the painting industry change to the benefit of the consumer. “Customers who choose expert painters want products that endure and match the conditions on their site. If your surfaces are typically covered in mold due to shade, damp and other conditions you may need different preparation and products than surfaces that bake in the sun 365 days per year.” Exterior paint technology is so sophisticated now, that there are a products for almost every set of conditions. But, Tom mentions that reading through the documentation can be daunting to the average consumer. “I take the opportunity to educate customers whenever possible. We are looking for long term relationships with customers and their properties.” The fact is that Tom Chervek still provides services to customers he painted for decades ago. When asked they will tell you, “Oh, I will only ever use Tom’s company.”