Know Why You Should

Hire a Professional Painter

Ask a Professional Painter

Do you know how to identify a professional painter by asking the right questions. Homeowners do business with companies they like and trust. As you consider hiring a professional painter, you should talk with them prior to signing an agreement and get to know their company. You should feel comfortable with their demeanor and demonstration of their professional ethics. Remember, these questions apply whether you are painting your home, the interior of an apartment or any project. Be sure to ask them BEFORE you sign a contract or make a verbal agreement.

Professional Painting enhances beautiful architecture.


Professional Painters know that preparation is everything.


Ask a Professional Painter about the Estimate

1. How firm is your estimate?

Some painting contractors may give you an estimate that doesn’t stipulate how firm the price is and may come back to you with additional charges and fees after they’ve started your project. A professional painting contractor should provide a quote that includes all materials and labor required on your job. If further changes are requested or required, your contractor can easily prepare change orders that define additional work and charges.

Ask a Professional Painter about the Scheduling

2. Will your crew arrive on time and complete the job in the defined time frame?

This is important information that affects your family and lifestyle as your home is being painted. Your first clue about the promptness and timeliness of the contractor is in the speed and courtesy they show in returning your initial phone call or email.

Ask a Professional Painter about Credentials

3. Are you licensed AND insured?

“Licensed” means that your painting contractor is registered to do business in your state. “Insured” means that the contractor carries an insurance policy to protect their company and you if damage or accidents happen on your property. You may inquire about the amount of insurance coverage that they carry. In general, you should work with a contractor who carries at least a $1 million dollar policy.

Ask a Professional Painter about the Crew

4. Are your painters trained or do they hire day laborers?

It may seem that anyone who can swing a brush can be a painter, but you should only hire painters who have been trained. Many contractors hire day laborers as well as untrained painters. In the case of day laborers, the workers painting your home may be unknown and inexperienced. Blue Sky Painting & Carpentry only hires painters that have been trained on all equipment, in dealing with problem areas, and performing good customer service. Blue Sky does not hire day laborers. Be sure to ask your painting contractor about this important issue.

Ask a Professional Painter about completion Inspection

5. Do you provide job inspections?

Some painting contractors may try to save themselves time: they do a quick job, get your check and leave. Only after they are gone, do you realize they’ve missed a spot or left something undone. Be sure to work with a contractor who walks around your home and talks with you about all aspects of your project. A professional painting contractor will be willing to review their work and answer any questions.

Ask a Professional Painter about a Guarantee

6. What’s the length and scope of your guarantee and will it be provided in writing?

Some painting companies say they offer a guarantee, but when pressed, they’ll admit that the guarantee is only the one offered by the paint manufacturer. If something fails, you may be able to get the paint replaced, but some contractors may still charge you for the labor to repaint your house. Be sure to hire a professional painting contractor who guarantees your satisfaction, including labor. Blue Sky Painting & Carpentry offers a three year guarantee on paint and labor.

Ask a Professional Painter about EPA Certification

7. Are you EPA Certified?

Federal Law requires EVERY company performing any type of renovation to a home built before 1978 to be EPA certified. Blue Sky Painting & Carpentry is EPA Certified. If your home was built in 1978 or earlier, you will want to make sure that your contractor is EPA certified. To ensure you’re delighted with your paint job now and into the future, talk with your painting contractor about these questions and choose an experienced painting contractor who will provide the level of service and craftsmanship you deserve.