Warm Up Your Home Interior: Warm and Welcoming Interior Colors

The temperatures are dropping outside and the holiday season is amongst us. When it’s frosty and freezing outdoors, there’s nothing better than a warm and cozy home interior. As you winterize and prepare for the holidays, why not turn up the warmth a notch in your home?

One of the best ways to warm up your home interior, without cranking the heat, is with the power of paint.

Warm and Welcoming Interior Colors

During the winter, you look out the window and see bleak, dull colors. Fairly often in the Bethesda, MD area you’ll see very cool and harsh colors as well—from snow and ice. Your dominant interior colors should portray the opposite. Your home should feel like a cozy escape from the cold rain and snow. Warm and welcoming interior colors provide visual warmth and bring a sense of comfort to your home.

“…Even a basement room with little natural light can become a cozy escape with the addition of a coat of warm, neutral paint.” – Shawn Gauthier, Houzz

Here are a few color ideas to warm up the walls in your home.interior paint colors

  • Golden yellow – Yellow walls are always a bit eclectic and unusual, but they also inspire creativity, joy, and comfort. Nothing warms up a cold winter like a golden-hued color.
  • Rustic red – Deep shades of red feel instantly warm like a crackling fire.
  • Warm neutrals – Whites and grays are timeless and traditional. Choose neutrals with warm undertones for a classic look with a toasty feel.
  • Aubergine purple – Bold purples with red undertones like aubergine or wine bring a homey feel with thoughts of velvet and warm sweaters.
  • Earthy brown or mossy green – Draw inspiration from the earth, as these colors naturally feel soothing and snug.

The wintertime in Bethesda, MD can get exceptionally cold. Stay warm indoors by heating up your walls with warm and welcoming interior colors. Can’t quite decide on a color? Consult with the experts at Blue Sky Painting & Carpentry. Contact us today to warm up those walls!

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