Spring Inspect Your Bethesda Maryland Home

Spring has Sprung. Oops!


It is time for a Spring checkup.

Spring means cleaning. Gutters, decks, patios, and all your exterior surfaces have lived through a cold and grimy winter.  Good inspection, pressure washing, and the right professional resources are key to enjoying a maintenance free 2016 in your home.


  1. Are the gutters full of spring debris?

Gutters in spring, full of debris, prevent the transmission of water through the system directing it away from your home and foundation. Gutters seem simple, but in fact are carefully angled to work with gravity to move water. Obstructions, such as debris, will cause water to overflow and saturate the ground directly beneath the obstruction. The overflow may send water to saturate every material touching every other material in the area including trim, siding, insulation, drywall, and carpets.


  1. Did freezing and ice damming pull the gutter from proper alignment?

Have your gutters cleaned as soon as weather permits. Ask your gutter professional about the volume of debris and whether there are areas of water damage to check, both inside and out. Check inside and out for staining, areas that suddenly seem darker in color (They may be wet.), and bubbled paint. Once leaks are repaired and the area is dry, hire a professional for drywall repair and painting touch up.


  1. Do your trees need trimming?

We may all love trees but not when they are growing out of our gutters, rotting our decks and porches, making holes in our roofs, and creating health hazards. However, constant dripping from trees on to decks and other surfaces will wear out finishes and rot the wood over time.

We love the shade and breeze we get from trees. We love the way trees give our outdoor rooms a feeling of stability and structure. Learn about your trees. Not every tree is worth saving. Invasive trees quickly squeeze out native and desirable trees.  For example, you should know which trees are native to Maryland, and which are invasive. Experts can tell you about the root patterns and how root growth may impact your deck by pushing at foundation posts causing buckling or shifting. County extension professionals can help.

Heavy tree cover anywhere around the house can cause mold and algae build up. While these plant colonies are indeed unsightly but there are other considerations. They are slippery on walking surfaces and could cause a fall. Some people and animals are highly mold sensitive. Professionals will use the correct cleaning solution for each plant and for the of surface in question. Strategic tree trimming may get sunlight to these areas reducing the mold and algae colonies in the future.

  1. Are you decked out?

While decks should indeed be checked for condition and safety, there is more fun to be had. First things, first.

Look for popped nails and screws, loose boards and handrails, splintery or slippery surfaces, and obvious wood rot. Not so obvious is the support structure beneath the deck. Ledger boards, posts, beams, and joists should be inspected by professionals.


Get Inspired

Create Your Own Outdoor Space

The Bethesda, Maryland area is lush with beautiful gardens and sources of inspiration for your outdoor room idea. Check out the Maryland House and Garden Pilgrimage. Historical Takoma Park has its own Takoma Park Garden Tour. Howard County, Maryland is rich with historical sites with grounds as beautiful as the interiors. Consider how the trees and grounds become carefully attended outdoor rooms. In planning for outdoor spaces and your dream outdoor room consider professional tree trimming.  And, consider enjoying a dreamy afternoon at Wine in the Woods 2016 to imagine how to transform your outdoor space.



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