Perfect Projects For Holiday Downtime At Home

The holidays are approaching, so you’re bound to spend more of your time indoors. If you’re susceptible to cabin fever, why not tackle these perfect interior projects for holiday downtime? Use your break as a chance to be productive with fun, exciting, and rewarding home improvement projects. Start 2016 off with a fresh, clean, and revitalizing space!

“Make the most of your time windfall by accomplishing one of your back-burner tasks.” – Laura Gaskill

Revitalize Your Home During Holiday Downtime

The winter is a perfect time to turn your attention indoors. It’s an opportunity to concentrate on that drab bathroom that needs some TLC, those spaces that have cracked or peeling paint, or a room in need of a wow! factor. Your revived spaces will impress holiday guests in your Potomac, MD home, and will comfort and inspire you throughout the season.

There are tons of projects for holiday downtime you can tackle, but here are a few that are sure to breathe new life into your environment.

  • Remodel the bathroom – It’s the perfect time to put some effort into that boring and drab bathroom in your home. Add a new color to the walls, replace the fixtures, and turn it into that spa-like space you’ve always dreamed of.
  • Introduce new lighting – An effortless way to brighten and warm your spirits this holiday season is with new lighting around your home. Even better, it adds a new hint of style and personality to a room without too much labor.
  • Paint your bedroom – Turn your bedroom into your own personal sanctuary. The sky’s the limit! Make the space truly your own with a new color and look. Bring out your personality with a color you love and wake up every day to a splash of sunshine in the winter.
  • Create an accent wall – If you aren’t ready to change an entire room color, try adding a single accent wall. This can add visual interest to any space and allows you to incorporate a new shade into your color scheme.
  • Add drama with trim – Paint your trim, windows, or molding a new color for a small, yet dramatic change. This can completely transform the character of a room and give it a stronger identity.
  • Touch-up already painted areas – If you have any cracked or peeling paint in your home, your holiday downtime is the perfect time to give these areas the TLC they need. Inspect your walls for any damaged surfaces. A little touch-up to already painted areas can completely rejuvenate your space.

Breathe new life into your Potomac, MD home this holiday season and it will make the rest of your time indoors all the more enjoyable. Blue Sky Painting & Carpentry can work with you to make your home vision come to life this winter. Let’s tackle those projects for holiday downtime together; get in touch today!

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