Interior Paint Colors to Fight the Winter Blues

For some people, the winter can be unbearable. Daylight hours are short, there’s a nip to the air, and you spend most of your time indoors. While there’s a lot of fun to be had during this season, sometimes you can’t help but long for warmer weather, aka: the winter blues. You need something to perk you up. Why not some color?

Color can be extremely powerful. The right color can boost your mood, provide a sense of warmth, and truly fight off the winter blues. Sometimes, all you need to get you through the long winter season is a transformation of your interior paint colors.

“It’s all about finding the colors you respond to and that make you feel good.” – Elaine Ryan, Color Expert

Don’t be afraid to experiment a little with your interior paint colors. Here are a few color suggestions for your home to fight off those winter blues.

  • A strong green shade will put you back in touch with nature and bring thoughts of springtime. Since winter often diminishes the colors of nature, using green shades indoors will bring in the comfort that’s lacking outdoors.
  • Add some warmth with shades of red, orange, or yellow. These sunny spectrum colors naturally evoke a sense of welcoming and warmth. If these colors seem too bright for an entire room, try painting an accent wall for a pop of positivity!
  • A warm brown like mocha, or caramel, is truly an exceptional interior paint color for the winter. It stimulates the senses and inspires thoughts of warm winter favorites, like hot chocolate or coffee.

Before selecting interior paint colors, figure out which shades work for you. Everyone is different, and while one color may generally impact people one way, it could bring out an entirely different emotion for you. Schedule a color consultation before fully committing to a color.

If you’re trying to fight off those winter blues, don’t underestimate the power of color! The right interior paint colors can truly help to brighten your mood on the duller days of winter. Call Blue Sky Painting & Carpentry today to discuss color choices and begin your interior upgrade today!

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