Gray Interior Paint Color

Gray, Gray…Wait…Don’t Go Away

What is your dream gray? As more and more homeowners view home as habitat historical notions about colors change.

Gray is not gloom and doom anymore.

We have home offices, home gyms and home spas. We work virtually and home school. We host Neighborhood Association meetings, community fund-raisers, and house concerts. And, we have smart houses that talk to us. Home has returned as the central axis of our lives. –No gloomy gray about it! Gray can evoke any feeling. Choosing gray for interior paint introduces a world of endless possibility.

Dove w CreditGray can message warm, cool, neutral. It can wrap you like velvet. It can direct your eye toward clean lines and sharp visual edges.

Gray is a color that can have any cast. A quick peek at the thesaurus reveals that cast is a synonym for hue. Think of doves. At first glance they are gray but when they move or the light changes, hints of lavender appear in waves. Gray can have underlying, pink, taupe or blue tones. Warm grays that echo stone colors are a natural match for natural stone elements. Cool grays are the go to shade for sleek industrial, crisp contemporary, and continuity with stainless steel or metallic finish appliances. As Dee Schlotter, color brand manager for Glidden Paints, says: “Gray plays well with other colors.”

Jennifer Gilmer of Gilmer Kitchen & Bath in Bethesda said many of her clients are interested in a gray kitchen but fearful that it will make a kitchen feel and look dark. They become convinced that it’s a great idea when she shows them examples that combine gray with other colors. Read More

Historical homes in Bethesda, Potomac, Silver Spring, Ellicott City, Laurel, Howard County, Maryland, Washington DC and Northern Virginia benefit from the both strategic and traditional use of grays in exterior paint to maintain the integrity of the architecture and design of old buildings.

High quality paint companies like Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams have created specialized lines of paint featuring historical colors. Each palette is the result of expert research and each contains gray paint colors that will enhance, highlight, or maintain the design integrity of your exterior.

Many recently built homes in Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia echo the design traditions inherent to their communities making these well-researched palettes equally valuable to owners of newer homes.

Choosing the right color for your goal is only part of the story. Expert interior painting application and exterior painting result in the best and most enduring completion combined with high quality paint products. Expert project managers advise on the best paint product for your project. The base material, outdoor conditions, type of use and many other variables affect the longevity of your paint. Like everything else in our world paint technology changes all the time. Though all manufacturers provide volumes of information on their products, expert painting consultation includes the evaluation of many things a homeowner may not consider, like whether the side of your house faces north or south. Or, whether there is a tree drip line over the corner of your deck. The good news is that we can help.

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